Alex Knight numerology


Alex Knight

Master Numerologist.  San Francisco, CA, USA

Certificate of the International Institute of Parapsychology and Numerology "Alvasar":

-         Level I "Basic methods of leading Numerological schools"

-         Level II "Prognostic and Karmic Numerology".

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About me:

I have been studying esoteric science for many years and worked in different directions and techniques; and fell in love with Numerology almost immediately! With the help of Numerology, I can very accurately reveal not only the personality of a person, but also tell them about their Fate, Karma, and the mistakes they made in a past life (in very small details with periods in their lives). Not only can I point out these mistakes, but I can also tell what a person cannot do in this life. In revealing a person’s path in life, I help guide them to not invite negative karma, and if it has already happened, what needs to be done to fix it all. My mission is to guide you through the journey of Karma.

Most people tend to struggle with how to self-reflect on their career prospective and purpose in life. Numerology can give you the most complete answer to this question; by revealing your talents, strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, it is important for every person to know their talents. All people are talented, but some need guidance on bring their talents out. My purpose is to help a person find their talents first, and set them on the right in life. I will show different ways to apply and realize their talents. Through this journey with me, my clients find their abilities, desired destinations and hidden talents.

This is a small insight to what is possible through Numerology. I can talk about its infinite possibilities at length; and will be glad to schedule personal consultations to guide you on your journey in life…